Troubled State: Civil War Journals of Franklin Archibald Dick

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So those were the guidelines I used as I started, not doing too many footnotes, but doing enough that people would know what was going on.

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I'd done all these footnotes and all these references, but I hadn't done any page numbers or any of that. The journals are but 2 of 10, bookending the war; the others were lost. In Dick was appointed provost marshal general for Missouri, "making him responsible for carrying out orders for banishment or assessment of disloyal persons and for overseeing the military prisons and dealing with prisoners," Carter writes.

His correspondence in that role was preserved in the Library of Congress and makes up the center section of the book. Enough additional correspondence remains that Carter expects to get another book out of it. But the journals and letters are of interest to her less as war artifacts and more as an individual's history. I'm more interested in what they experienced and how they went through it.

They're the experts and I'm not. I've learned a lot from them. Buried for years in family files, this important firsthand Civil War account of Franklin Dick's experiences as Union assistant adjutant general and Missouri provost marshal general gives a new view of politics, power, and divided loyalties in the state of Missouri. Troubled State is a new resource for library collections, historians, and Civil War buffs. Gari Carter was given her great-great-grandfather's journals from the Civil War era and spent years deciphering his handwriting and researching his life.

These writings of Franklin Archibald Dick awakened Carter's deep respect and appreciation for the adversity he dealt with and the wisdom it offered her in dealing with her own journey. Her first book, Healing Myself, was written after her life-changing auto accident. She is a dynamic public speaker and lives in North Carolina. Gari Carter. Jonathan Horn.

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