The Anthrax Chase

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Anthrax occurs in animals, including goats, sheep, cattle, horses and dear. Anthrax is an invisible bacteria that can live in soil, water and dead animals. Inhalational may be contracted by breathing in spores in a closed space. It first appears as flu-like symptoms, such as fever, malaise, fatigue, cough, and mild chest discomfort followed by severe respiratory distress. If you receive a white powder-anthrax threat, the U. Postal Inspection Service said you should do the following:. The Postal Inspection Service assures us the mail is safe, but they suggest we take common sense precautions when handling letters and packages.

Thankfully, so far the threatening white powder found in the current batch of letters have not contained anthrax. At PathSensors we are committed to making the world a safer place. We are always excited to tackle new challenges, so please contact us to discuss collaborations or development projects. Tweets by PathSensorsInc. PathSensors announces the addition of Dr.

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David Hodge as a member of their Scientific Advisory Board. Prior to Stop by and say hello! PathSensors has two capabilities in the food safety space — aerosol detection and liquid sample detection. By Paul Davis. Is it a harmless hoax? Or is it Anthrax or some other deadly toxic chemical? And here we go again. Handle incoming mail in a designated separate area. Protective impermeable gloves should be worn by all workers who handle mail. Avoid touching your skin, eyes or other mucous membranes.

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Gloves can be discarded in a regular trash can once removed unless a suspicious mail piece is recognized. Hands should be thoroughly washed with soap and water when gloves are removed, before eating, and when replacing torn or worn gloves.

Use letter opener to open mail. Restrict mail room access to authorized person or persons. Typical characteristics of a suspicious letter include: Powdery substance on the outside of the letter or package. Inappropriate or unusual labeling. Excessive postage. Handwritten or poorly typed addresses. Misspelling of common words. Strange return address or no return address. Incorrect titles or title without a name. Not addressed to a specific person.

Postmarked from a city or state that does not match the return address. Powdery substance felt through or appearing on the package or envelop. Oily stains, discolorations, or odor. Hatfill complied, feeling he had nothing to hide. TV helicopters orbited overhead.

Prepare to Respond to Mailed Threat of White Powder

He was driven to a Holiday Inn to escape the crush of news media and sat in a motel room, watching incredulously as a full-blown search of his home played out on national television. The experience was surreal. Agents conducted a second search five weeks later amid a repeated media circus. This time they came equipped with a warrant and bloodhounds. The dogs, Hatfill would later learn, had been responsible for false arrests in other cases.

Hatfill says he innocently petted one of hounds, named Tinkerbell. The dog seemed to like him. I walked out, rented a car, and went to see an attorney about suing the hell out of these people. Hatfill was fired from SAIC. The official explanation given was that he had failed to maintain a necessary security clearance; the real reason, he believes, was that the government wanted him fired.

He was let go before his first day. Other prospective employment fell through. No one would return his calls. One job vanished after Hatfill emerged from a meeting with prospective employers to find FBI agents videotaping them. His savings dwindling, he moved in with Boo. Coming home from dinner one Friday night, he was pulled over by a Washington, D. Three blocks later, another cop stopped him, again for not using his turn signal. He was ordered out of his car.

The officer obliged. Hatfill spent the weekend in jail and would later be ordered to attend a four-day alcohol counseling program. The offer was rejected. Much of what authorities discovered, they leaked anonymously to journalists. The result was an unrelenting stream of inflammatory innuendo that dominated front pages and television news.

Some asked for his autograph. Hatfill was humiliated. Embarrassed to be recognized, he stopped going to the gym. He stopped visiting friends, concerned that the FBI would harass them, too.

White-powder hoaxes: A trend in fake terrorism.

Soon, he stopped going out in public altogether. Once an energetic and ambitious professional who reveled in hour workdays, Hatfill now found himself staring at the walls all day. Television became his steady companion.

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Is this the guy who murdered innocent people? It was sanctioned torture. He repainted, hung wallpaper, learned to install crown molding. He also began drinking. An afternoon glass of red wine became three or more. After a few anguished hours of sleep, Hatfill would see her off to work, doze past noon, then rise to repeat the cycle, closing the blinds to block the sun and the video camera the FBI had installed on a pole across the street.

For a while, Boo bought newspapers, so the two of them could fume over the latest lies that had been published about him.

Steven Hatfill was born on October 24, , and raised with a younger sister in Mattoon, Illinois. His father designed and sold electrical substations.