Kompass neues Denken: Wie wir uns in einer unübersichtlichen Welt orientieren können (German Edition)

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The Investor Ticket can be used for both event days and is available for investors from all sectors of the economy. Ticket holders can request a list of participating start-ups in advance. Company logo integration on the website. The corporate ticket can be used for both event days and is available to entrepreneurs from all sectors of the economy. Arndt has built and scaled digital companies for more than 20 years now. The most prominent venture that he did not invent but led to significant growth is Parship.

Today, at BCG Digital Ventures, he builds digital businesses for and with some of the most successful corporations, including some from the Ruhrgebiet. Today, looking back, I think the digital revolution was my lucky calling in professional life. I have learnt that hard work alone does not bring success, luck is always an important component.

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A top team of people that ideally have done what it takes before. A great business purpose that brings relevant value and that has the right market timing. I come from Essen and left the region at the age of I know very little of what is happening in the startup scene these days, but I would think that the open mindset of the people here, the melting pot culture and the great universities should be strong competitive advantages.

That many people in the region with the right mindset and education get out there and just start. What do you have to lose? There are so many opportunities still waiting to be seized. Inhalt: Es berechtigt zum Besuch der Konferenz inkl.

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Firmen-Logo Integration auf der Website. Ticket-Typ: Es berechtigt zum Besuch der Konferenz inkl. Nico Gramenz previously worked at Siemens Mobility, most recently as Senior Vice President of Business Development, driving the cooperation between startups and corporates. Additionally, I see a lot of potential and a need for better networking and collaboration skills in Germany. Unfortunately, building a network and ecosystem is still seen as an esoteric process in Germany, even though it has long bean the only way to compete effectively with the rapid growth and momentum of innovation worldwide.

For example, the corporate myth that, in times of economic downturn, the best solution is to save current jobs no matter the cost, rather than invest in promising future fields and markets. Firstly, understand and recognise the core of your idea. Finally, test your products and services on your potential customers and listen to their feedback.

Be ready to self-reflect and reassess even if it hurts to do so, and do not give up…. The Ruhr area is home to a great mix of different sectors and startups. As one of the largest economic regions of Europe, the Ruhrgebiet has incredible potential as a locations for startups and business incubators, particularly because of its proximity to various industry segments and the German mid-sized companies, i. Thanks to the many Universities in the area and the Ruhr. HUB as headquarters for digitalisation, local startups are subsidised and optimal conditions afforded to them.

Mostly the many great initiatives bringing strong corporate enterprises together with local startups. With the Ruhr:HUB, which has just been extended, startups in the region are receiving financial support. This is an impressive, positive development, ensuring that the Ruhr Area continues to be a startup hub.

That the scene gets even louder; that the whole Ruhrgebiet truly connects as a community and that the first Unicorn in the region sprouts. Letztlich die Risikobereitschaft. Probiert am Kunden und seid bereit Euch stets selbst zu hinterfragen. Auch wenn es weh tut, gebt nicht auf…. Es gibt im Ruhrgebiet einen spannenden Mix aus Startups aus diversen Bereichen. Mit dem Ruhr. Pro Jahr stehen Therefore, they designed a platform, which provides a realistic risk assessment for attacks from the Internet. Everything that does not have to do with a computer, such as managing staff, setting up office space, coordinating phone calls and appointments ….

All roads lead to success. Communicate every little success to the outside and generally invest a lot in communication. Nevertheless, not hang out every night at a StartUp event, sometime must be worked. In my opinion, a lot is happening. There are more and more active start-ups from different industries and also more and more networking among each other. I believe regional marketing should focus more on success stories from the region and make the structural change positively tangible. There are more offers and more help.

What is still missing is easier access to the corporations and decision-makers who have their headquarters in the Ruhrgebiet cities. They look felt around the world, for example, in New York or Israel around, but neglect a bit those who are right outside the door. Stronger inner-city infrastructure so that you can get from north to south in a city just as quickly as from Dortmund to Duisburg. Why go to Berlin for a conurbation when there is less hype on your doorstep and a wonderful environment for start-ups? The Ruhr area has already reinvented itself several times and therefore plays a central role in the entrepreneurial culture in Germany.

What changes have you noticed in the local startup scene in the last years? Ich liebe es, Neues zu sehen, zu verstehen, zu hinterfragen und zu lernen.


Sich die Leichtigkeit in schwierigeren Zeiten zu bewahren und das Vertrauen in sich selbst und das Business nicht zu verlieren. Paulo Pereira has already worked for clients such as Activision Blizzard, Vodafone and Toyota during his time with the largest media network GroupM. In his role as Product Manager, he specializes in the conception and development of new apps. Absorb all knowledge and implement it yourself as quickly as possible — Hands-On at the Core.

I am really happy that an additional central location for the start-up culture has been created here in recent years through stronger support. Above all, the network has been expanded here. Benedikt Brester is co-founder of the Impact Hub Ruhr and is responsible for the programmes in addition to the finances. As a project developer, he works with partners and customers to develop programs such as Hackathons, start-up programmes or summer schools and new products. As a coach, he is involved in the workshop programme of the Impact Hub Ruhr, especially in the area of business model innovation.

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I know from previous jobs the landscape around funding projects well. To me, a long-term perspective of good ideas was always important, especially beyond public funding. This gap closes the Impact Hub network in locations by making good ideas work as enterprises. At the Impact Hub Ruhr, we are working to realize sustainable and socially effective business start-ups and to support companies in digital and sustainable change processes with our mindset.

This combination gives me the charm of my work, and I am happy to be able to work with dedicated people every day — whether start-up or employees of companies. To concretize the many resulting project and programme ideas and to bring them to implementation with partners. For me, this is internal communication: to speak the same language, to have a common goal, to address unpleasant things and to get them out of the way, to distribute tasks clearly and to distribute and take responsibility.

I think it is a little early to talk about a startup region, as there are many local individual initiatives.

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The Ruhr Summit is an essential part on the way to the regional startup identity. The Impact Hub Ruhr is very happy to support regional initiatives. The people of the Ruhr area have a self-conception as a regional start-up hotspot for sustainable business. Vincent Beermann is co-founder of the Sustainability Workshop. More and more people finding the idea of founding a company appealing and put the initially abstract idea into action. Startup competitions are getting more popular and more offers have been created for startups.