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Achieve your goals with investment solutions and comprehensive advice. Brokerage Services IG offers a range of brokerage and managed investment solutions providing investors maximum financial planning flexibility. Asset Managers. One of the most interesting facets of the financial services industry is how so many people tend to invest their money and plan their financial affairs by chasing trends and doing what is "popular".

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For example, many investors like a "sure thing" and will often pile into an investment sector that is hot. As human beings we often like to see evidence first that something is coming into reality before we join the trend, which is the opposite of how financial planning, regular planning and goal setting actually work to create results. With the December market correction in both the US, Canada and elsewhere slowly receding into the past, it is a good time to review what exactly happened and how clients have reacted to the recent events.

To put December into context, it was the most severe correction late in the year since the early 's. It is that time of year again when news broadcasters turn our thoughts to the how the world and the investment markets may run into trouble.


There are special reports stating that markets are at record levels, interest rates are rising, Trump, Trump and more Trump, trade deals, China, the end of globalization, inflation is rising, inflation is a non-factor When asked if they had any regrets, Baby Boomers wished they had started investing and saving at a much earlier age. It is normal for younger people to focus on earning money to accommodate their lifestyle but few have the foresight to pay themselves first.

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  4. It is easy for younger generations to imagine their whole life ahead of them and have the attitude that of course I'll be financially set when I'm ready to retire'. Bill Nye the Science Guy met with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in Ottawa earlier this year to promote the use of alternative energy fuels in our economy. He is a strong advocate of moving away from carbon-based fuels.

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    Investment Planning

    Investment Planning: Concepts and Strategies. Investment Planning: Concepts and Strategies - 2 nd Edition Our newest textbook is all about the future. Note : eBooks cannot be printed.