How to Keep Her off the Pole: A Fathers Guide to Raising Daughters

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He takes part in the contest not for glory, but to help his daughter.

Devoted Dad Dances With 2-Year-Old Daughter to Ease Her Stage Fright

This act opened up the idea of the reluctant hero for me. I started reading myths and looking at heroes in different cultures and finally landed on Hercules a. Say the name Hercules, though, and a strong and powerful man comes to mind. A legendary hero.

The number twelve also became important, not only because of its connection to the recording of time and the zo- diac which comes into play with Loo but also because it set a chal- lenge for me as a writer. How could I make a man get shot twelve times, and the reader know that he is going to get shot, and still have each episode feel unpredictable?

I spent many years working that out. And over those years I fell for Samuel Hawley, who, despite all of his violent tendencies, is driven by the need to cure his own lone- liness. He is on a desperate search for love. KR: This is a book where some scary things happen.

No matter what Hawley and Loo are going through, his desire to protect her is so clear to the reader. Can you talk a bit about how their relationship evolved as you wrote the book? She starts by shooting her first gun. Then she has her first fight. Her first drink.

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Her first kiss. Her first job. Her first car. Her first heartbreak. And she also commits her first crime. Her father acts as her protector and teacher, until eventually Loo begins to forge her own path. Samuel Hawley is a classic masculine hero, tough and rugged.

She becomes the true hero, and Hawley like Hercules takes his place among the stars. How does being an editor inform what you do as a writer? HT: One Story has been one of the greatest joys and most rewarding experiences of my life. Together with Maribeth Batcha, I co-founded the magazine in , and was editor in chief for fourteen years.

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When One Story launched we made the rule to never publish an author more than once, so we have run stories from over different writers from around the world. Editing these diverse voices has been enor- mously educational, and has made me acutely aware of how a reader maneuvers his or her way through a story. It also makes me hard on myself. I constantly stop and tinker with sentences, and often can see only the flaws in my own work.

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While that side can be hard to turn off at times, being an editor has been a great gift. It taught me to respect the magic that happens in the creative process, while also understanding the mechanics be- hind the page. It has provided a way for me to support and celebrate emerging writers, something I feel very strongly about. I am thankful for the people I have met, and for the authors who have trusted me with their words.

LitFlash The eBooks you want at the lowest prices. Read it Forward Read it first. Remain in control of that power and do not overexpose your child to what the media and popular culture have to offer.

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Innocence is a good thing, especially in children. To the best of your ability, begin conversations on mature subject matter first.

The Twelve Lives of Samuel Hawley Reader’s Guide

From the time you give your daughter the language to describe her private parts you should begin laying the foundation for healthy sexual activity and relationships. Be honest and forthcoming using age-appropriate language and comparisons she can understand. The more she knows, the less enticing it may be to act irresponsibly. Hear her out entirely before commenting or dishing out advice. Like you, sometimes daughters just want to talk and, in that, they solve the problem on their own. It is much easier said than done, but well worth the restraint on your part in the end. Keep your daughter involved in something, always.

That way, she has something to strive toward. And young women with goals are less inclined to make decisions that compromise self-respect. You are her parent—an authoritative figure responsible for training her to become a respectable young lady.


With love and grace, it is critical that you separate parenthood from friendship in order to maintain balance in your relationship. There is a level of healthy fear children should have of their parents that they do not have for friends. Failure is an inevitable part of life and it is important to equip our children to deal with it properly—to harness it as inspiration, ammunition.

Chris DiMarco began his writing career at a young age, passing humorous notes in class. Having mastered combining words into sentences and later sentences into paragraphs, he challenged himself to rise to the next level of excellence--writing romantic letters to girls. But things really changed when Chris met W. Dupree "Dub". Once these two men met, they were both changed forever--almost as if they were one person.

Destiny, for sure. Chris resides primarily in the western US. However, due to his recent financial success as a writer, he has been able to purchase a double-wide in the Midwest which serves as his sanctuary away from the pressures of stardom. About Publish Join Sign In.