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Spell Check: Dressed as a witch, Bugs raised Hazel's ire because she was afraid he was uglier than she was.

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She finally realized he was really a rabbit, but her delight turned to horror when Bugs tricked her into drinking the "pretty potion" that caused her to lose her cherished bad looks. Secret Ingredient: June is a legendary voice artist who's the sound behind Tweety's owner Granny, Bullwinkle's pal Rocky, and, in an episode of "Bewitched," Baby Darrin. Her sweet, kindly persona hides the fact that most of her time is actually spent torturing the citizens of Harmony because their witch-hunting ancestors burned her at the stake centuries ago.

Spell Check: Among the year-old witch's many evil misdeeds: keeping lovers Luis and Sheridan and Miguel and Charity apart, and trying to send Eve to jail. Secret Ingredient: Juliet also played a nanny with psychic powers on the short-lived '70s sitcom "Nanny and the Professor.

Bewitched makes its magical television debut (1964)

After sister Prue Shannen is killed by Shax, the women discover they have a half-sister Paige Rose , who helps them restore the "power of three. Spell Check: Guided by The Book of Shadows, the women cast various spells to thwart evildoers, using their individual powers, including freezing time and the ability to levitate objects. Secret Ingredient: In Season 4, Phoebe Alyssa was given a hexed engagement ring that would turn her into a s housewife, which she feared would force her to suppress her magic skills, like Samantha on "Bewitched.

Willow was a kind, gentle, loyal friend to Buffy. But her witchy powers were strong, and when she was properly motivated, her sweet temperament could turn deadly.

Spell Check: When her girlfriend and fellow witch Tara was murdered, Willow exacted a gruesome revenge, and it was her awesome powers that eventually doomed Sunnydale's Hellmouth. Witchiepoo was Living Island's resident baddie, flying on her Vroom Broom a tricked-out broomstick equipped with a steering wheel , trying to steal Freddie the magic talking flute.

Spell Check: Jimmy, Freddie's owner, was lured to Living Island by Witchiepoo, who turned Jimmy into a mechanical boy, and cast other spells to keep him, and the coveted Freddie, trapped far from home.

Bewitched – “The Cat’s Meow”

Her P. Spell Check: Her skills could be erratic. And when tracking down bad guys, like an international assassin who's out to bump off a celebrity hairdresser, conjuring up a bit of misinformation was often a dangerous thing. Secret Ingredient: Sex and the City's Kim Cattrall starred in the pilot episode of the '80s series, but was replaced by "7th Heaven" mom Catherine.

Lance Mannion: Salman Rushdie explains the marriage of Samantha and Darrin Stephens

Sweet witch Samantha's mortal hubby Darrin was against her using her "witch twitch" nose to conjure up magic -- unless it was to get him out of a jam! Spell Check: Samantha's many memorable spells included turning Darrin into a giant fish to keep him from kissing another woman. But our favorite bit of Stephens magic?

That automatic vacuum cleaner and the levitating furniture. Secret Ingredient: Samantha's famous nose twitch was an illusion.

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In this column, I look at how a potentially progressive s sitcom like Bewitched imagines and reinforces an exclusionary white feminism. The pilot and other episodes are peppered with similar jokes about prejudice and discrimination against Samantha—ironic and comic, the show seemingly suggests, because she is white and blonde, no less , middle class, and quite pretty. Here, the humor relies on the premise that she is in fact not discriminated against and thereby mocks people who face real discrimination. This is the danger and insidiousness, as Hall warns, of inferential racism, wherein the humor treats race and racialized violence with irreverence.

The misunderstandings she has with Darrin become a source of humor, erasing real fears of violence. Undergirding the jokes about discrimination in Bewitched , remains an inability to engage the very real discrimination of people of color as serious.

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At the same time, the sitcom pokes fun at the expectations placed on white housewives to perform perfection. As the shot pulls out, we realize that Samantha is squeezing the oranges onto the kitchen floor, not into a glass. The camera, then, follows her to the stove where her pan is on fire.

Not only does Bewitched play with this notion, it also suggests the impossibility of being the perfect housewife and the need for magic to keep everything in order.