Children of the Sky - The Odyssey of Álvar Nuñez Cabeza de Vaca (The Conquest Trilogy Book 2)

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Whose House Is It, Anyway? Annas, Pamela J. Bloom, Lynn Z. Christodoulou, George N. Ferguson, Margaret, et al, Eds.

Alberro, Alexander, and Stimson, Blake, Eds. Momaday, N. Ambrose, Susan A.

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Unique in what it does and how it does it. Sheer fun, with Nick-n-Nora as wisecracking, beschnauzered, married detectives. By all means read the play, still better attend a live performance. It will indeed make you laugh. If there is book about the doings of a major league baseball team written with equal liveliness and containing more candid and colorful incident and observation, please step out of line and stand and deliver.

Neither the most concise nor best written sports novel, but the account of the ball player dying of cancer during the season is powerful indeed. A great novel about boxing—how the black boxer Tom Molyneaux almost won the heavyweight title in Regency England—and it says more about race, masculinity, and national character than a thousand academic monographs could. Too long out of print, it is now back and available electronically, I see.

I hesitate to call it the best book about sport but the premise was too unique not to be added to your list. It deserves a wider readership. Imagine; it is sometime in the 's and Frankenstein's creature is still alive and playing minor league ball. Oh, and surprise he hits with power. Whitney Azoy. Azoy shows how buzkashi illuminates Afghan culture and politics.

Chip Hilton is a three-sport high school athlete—baseball, football, and basketball—and the best player on every squad.

Chip lives alone with his widowed mother and works after school jobs to help support the household. He has a circle of friends who are repeating characters including one who, in the immediate aftermath of the Holocaust, takes the form of Biggy Cohen, a kindly Paul Bunyan obviously there to combat anti-Semitic stereotypes.

Every volume involves the adolescent equivalent of the sorts of challenges Oedipus is confronted by and in every volume there is a happy ending that is spotless.

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This is a series for any child who wishes he had an older brother with whom he could tag along and show him the ropes. Card gets to the heart of what it means to have sporting games as a simulation of war, and some of the ethical implications that follow from that. Flashman achieves the first hat-trick in cricket history—one wicket by skill, one by luck, one by skullduggery.

Basketball -- the story of a group of friends The Hokas are teddybearoid aliens with a love of Earth culture and a fanatically intense fantasy life.

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A little whimsy can go a long way, but this is really funny. A truly philosophical examination of the national pastime by a high-brow political journalist with the inside knowledge of a quotidian sportswriter.

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  • Great mix of the psychology of pitching, short-hop ground balls, Clausewitzian managerial strategy, and the grand metaphysical setting of the game. Parker, Jr. Perhaps the best book every written about the kind of obsessive and solitary intensity required of premiere distance runners. A collection of short stories about golf that teach us to laugh at the sand-traps of life. Some doubting Thomases query whether fishing is really a sport. A modern classic about a working class British youth who, confined to a reformatory, through his great ability as a runner finds integrity, courage and the inner strength to stand up to the system.

    His rider didn't have much to do with the winning strategy - it was the horse all the way. Great stuff! A white teenager convinces a team in the Negro Leagues to take him on—by pretending to be a deaf-mute albino. I remember it as a good young-adult novel—About Race, but good even if programmatic.

    This is a fascinating study of Bob Beamon's record-breaking long jump at the Summer Olympics. Schaap analyzes the actual jump, the athlete, and the games with considerable rigor. Liebling can write about paint drying or paint drying and make it more interesting and hilarious than most any other author trying to be interesting and witty. This classic makes boxing fascinating and congenial to the most pain-averse reader. We are convinced that all Americans were like pitcher Jack Keefe a hundred years ago—dimwitted braggarts who mangled the language.

    But we is so much better now. Both unexpected and revelatory account of a championship bout in pre-mass media England in an age when most people today imagine there was no such thing possible. Lanham suggests two books by David Lamb: A couple of books about sports that you might add to your list, both by David Lamb.

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    Did he learn to read? Did he get to town? Do you know his name? Did he get on? David was a wonderful wanderer and traveller, listening to people. Talk about zest! All that is good They parachuted into France on D-Day, held the line at the Battle of the Bulge, and fought and died for each other and their country. A gripping account of the hundred US soldiers dropped into Somalia on October 3, Caught under heavy fire, they fought all night against thousands of armed Somalis. Tocqueville captures the earnestness and independence of the citizens and their eagerness to achieve success.

    A survey work by a master historian, it tells you about how glorious it was as our newborn republic slipped into democratic sensibility and almost libertarian freedom. The story behind the photograph that has come to symbolize the indomitable American spirit. A gorgeously written novel of several generations of American Protestant ministers in the heartland of the country, which makes you fall in love with that heartland. The P. A young silversmith apprentice with an injured hand falls in with leading patriots in Boston just before the Revolution.

    From the oldest and seemingly craziest of these, he learns what all the fuss is about: building a country where "a man can stand up. The book is Young's tribute to her pioneering mother who made a hard but happy life in North Dakota. Hard to say why this book impressed as much as it did. From that point on I was hooked on the history of the country warts and all. The treasonous lieutenant Philip Nolan renounces his country—and is sentenced to spend the rest of his life hearing not one word about it.