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Readers are simply more willing to tolerate a lightspeed jump from belief X to belief Y if the writer himself a seems taken aback by it and b acts as if they had no say in the matter —as though the situation simply unfolded that way. Tagged with: demonstrated […]. It turns out that this phrase, and the insight on its usefulness to create authority out of thin air, was used with great effect by Douglas Adams.

Take a look for yourself and pardon the […]. I was thinking of the possible uses of itturnsout. The ordinary convention is that if I claim X in the course of a proof or explanation, then you should be able to grasp why X is true in that context.

Adding Sensors To Improve Your Curling Game? Turns Out It’s Really Hard

It is supposed to be fully justified by the preceding discussion. Note that skipping the details is not necessarily a matter of laziness. Or is it merely correlated with some of them without causing them? But does it? The examples in the post seem no different from the math case.

It turned out that it was way, way uptown. It was way, way uptown. Now, how about deception? But I am not sure that it gets any special mileage in disguising such claims. The reader sees this and can choose whether or not to buy in. Thanks for this, Professor—your analysis is crisp, and I see now how its usage in mathematics makes more apparent the core function of the phrase.

Excellent post.

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Be The First to Comment Cancel […]. In a broader context the key to the coherence of any non-elementary set of utterances lies in transitions, and being credulous about those is a sure way to get sold the Brooklyn Bridge. Post hoc propter hoc is really a special case of this fallacy.

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This turns out to be a most intriguing point. I have found the phrase in non-technical usage to be increasingly a device of charlatons and pretenders. Does anyone know the origin of the phrase? Powered by WordPress and Manifest. Deviant acts can also cause the addiction. This is why socialists say that child molesters never get that out of their system.

That bitch done fucked Leroy up, man! He's turned out! He can't even LOOK at another bitch now! That bitch got his MIND, man! I TOLD his ass to stay away from that ghetto hoochie. The bitch fucked the SHIT out of him. She's a PRO!! Jack liked girls before he got turned out in prison.

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Turned out sex. Ma nigga I turned her out last night she can't get enough of me turned out. Fountain of Youth Ringo Watermelon Sugar Helicoptering Lefties The first time I logged onto Gawker.

It turns out there really is an American social network censoring political speech - The Verge

I'd already worked a full day at my staff writing job at the Village Voice, and I had agreed to work a paid night shift for Gawker to audition for a role at the site, a tradition at the company. Because I had a day job, I used a pseudonym for my Gawker shifts, and deliberately picked one that was clearly, obviously fake: Enid Shaw. Six-ish hours later, I'd written a few posts.

My eyeballs were raw, my vision was blurry, and the site's commenters had broken me spiritually. Blogging, as it turns out, is hard. Not truly hard, of course: Blogging is not like working in a slaughterhouse, grave-digging, diamond-mining, labor organizing, surgery, home healthcare, pediatric oncology, smuggling, teaching, or fighting forest fires.

But it's skilled labor, and night- or weekend blogging is a particularly terrifying balancing act, full of pitfalls, potential legal and copyright risks, and the possibility that the commentariat could rightly own you straight to hell. Gawker commenters were supernaturally talented at finding factual errors, embarrassing typographical mistakes, and logical fallacies, then gently strangling you with them.

When media executives are forced to take on that job themselves, following a series of extraordinary self-created crises , they don't seem to last very long.

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Anyone who's ever done a night blogging shift could tell any executive tasked with keeping a site live and updated just how difficult—and brutal—it can be. The sort of executive in a position to listen about this wouldn't listen, of course, but if they were willing to do so, maybe they could at least look a tad less foolish. At the Gawker Media sites, night blogging involved cranking out five or six posts of the course of a long evening, alone, with an editor available on call for true emergencies.