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Kitty actually starts to become violent and beat Heaven at times.

Don’t All Good People Go to Heaven?

Her cruelty is later revealed to be caused by the fact that Kitty once was in love with Luke and almost had his child. When Luke brought Heaven's mother back to town, she attempted a home abortion, which went badly wrong and meant that she lost her ability to have children. Because of this, Kitty sees Heaven both as a release for her anger towards Luke, and as the daughter she was never able to have, causing Kitty to be wildly inconsistent in her treatment of Heaven. Heaven has kept her doll hidden, but one day Kitty sees her with it. Kitty becomes furious when she sees the doll is the exact likeness of Leigh.

In a fit of rage, Kitty burns the doll. Devastated by the loss of something that linked her to her mother, Heaven tells Kitty she wishes she were dead, and Kitty beats her unconscious. Cal finds her later and tries to comfort her, but he also kisses her passionately. Heaven resists, but Cal eventually pressures her into having sex with him.

Acts 17:24-28

Heaven gives in partly because she longs for affection and partly because she feels sorry for Cal over the way Kitty treats him. Although she is overcome with guilt and shame afterwards, the feeling of being needed by Cal is so important to her that she cannot say no to him. Kitty becomes sick later revealed to be breast cancer and the three go back to Kitty and Heaven's hometown of Winnerrow to seek aid from Kitty's family. After meeting Kitty's family, especially Kitty's mother, Heaven begins to understand Kitty's behaviour and she starts to pity her.

While in her hometown, she is reunited with her siblings Tom who she has missed terribly and Fanny. Fanny seems happy with the preacher and his wife, but she is also distant to Heaven and seems to be avoiding her. Heaven tries to avoid Logan because she is afraid that he will somehow know what she has done with Cal just from looking at her.

He eventually catches up to her and begs her to see him. She gives in and agrees to meet him the next day early in the morning. However, when she goes back to Kitty's mother house, Cal is waiting for her and tries to kiss her.

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Heaven pushes him away but Kitty's younger sister, Maisie, sees him with his hand on Heaven's breast. Maisie quickly tells her family about what she saw, and it rapidly spreads through the town. The next day, after she finishes taking care of Kitty, Heaven goes to meet Logan and they spend the day together but Logan cannot keep what he heard to himself and confronts Heaven. Although she is actually the victim in the situation, Heaven feels so guilty about her part in the 'seduction' that she admits it. Too young to understand that this was not Heaven's fault, Logan feels betrayed and runs away from her.

After she walks back into town, Heaven goes to the hospital to find Kitty awake and in a better mood. Kitty then tells Heaven that her father was there looking for her to apologize for everything and that he seemed like a different man.

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He also wanted to give her two choices: she can live with him and his new wife or try to find her mother's family and live with them, if they will accept her. Unable to forgive her father for the way he treated her and for selling his other children, Heaven decides to go and find her mother's family. Tom tells Heaven that he is going to live with Luke, as the farmer treats him like a slave.

Cal takes Heaven to the airport so she can travel to her mother's family; once he gets her there, he hurries off. Tom shows up with Fanny, who reveals she is pregnant by the preacher and that is why she couldn't talk to or see Heaven—she has to stay hidden, and the preacher and his wife are going to pretend it is their baby.

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She hugs Heaven and tells her she loves her, then hurries back to her "home" with Tom before she is discovered missing. While Heaven is waiting for her plane, she reads in the newspaper that Kitty has died. She thinks of how Cal drove her all the way to the airport and didn't even mention this: he wants to start a new life and she is not part of his plans.

Heaven is furious and hurt, thinking that after all Cal said about how much he loved her, he dumped her at the first opportunity, abandoning her just like Luke. All she can do now is hope she finds peace and love with her mother's family. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article has multiple issues. Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page.

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It should be expanded to provide more balanced coverage that includes real-world context. They were the good people, the "holy" people! Jesus reaffirmed what the prophet Isaish said. No one is deserving of heaven. No one is good enough. That's not how we get to heaven.

It is why Jesus came And here is how. Heaven is given to all who will believe in Jesus. For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him. When we begin a relationship with Jesus, it is a relationship that lasts eternally. Our names are written in his book of life. Jesus said, "whoever hears my word and believes him who sent me has eternal life and will not be judged but has crossed over from death to life. Regarding heaven, it's our decision now whether to respond to Jesus and accept his gift of eternal life.

Jesus said, "For my Father's will is that everyone who looks to the Son and believes in him shall have eternal life, and I will raise him up at the last day. We're told in Scripture that in heaven there will be a multitude of people from every tribe, language, people and nation who will have eternal life because of their faith in Jesus.

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It does not mean merely believing things about Jesus. There is a difference between your believing that Barack Obama was president of the United States, versus knowing him personally. In the same way, you might believe Jesus is God, without ever having him in your life. Here is how you can believe in him and be sure that you have eternal life.

Please see Beyond Blind Faith. Footnotes: 1 Revelation 2 Revelation 21 and 22 3 Revelation 4 Colossians 5 Revelation 6 John ,17 7 John 8 John Spiritual Adventure Pack. Is There a God?

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Who is God?